Sports Structures

Nowadays, our tents effectively solve the problem of time-consuming and long-term unused of traditional stadiums. The sports tent has a flexible mounting structure that is easy to disassemble and install and can be built in just one to two weeks. Sports tent has become a new direction for sports venues, saving customers a lot of time and money. We offer temporary and semi-permanent modular construction solutions to design a variety of sports venues.

We use streamlined design tents to customize colors to meet customer needs. The high-grade aluminum frame guarantees the safety of the Sports Tent and provides superior performance in weather resistance, providing a safe and comfortable indoor activity environment for all sports and enabling all-weather use.

You can customize the tent according to the size of the standard stadium. There is no pillar inside a tent, and the use area is 100%. Athletes can experience a better indoor stadium and enjoy sports on the court.

We offer unique designs that provide enough height and extraordinary space for your stadium needs. There are no internal pillars for our clear span sports halls structures, so the athletes and audience can move freely which allows maximum usable space. Our marquee tents are a better choice than wood or steel structures.

Sports Tents Video